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370 Gold/h
560 Gold/h
400 Gold/h

Rainbow Six | Siege

630 Gold/h
470 Gold/h
250 Gold/h

Rocket League

380 Gold/h

League of Legends

600 Gold/h
370 Gold/h
560 Gold/h

GL News

Team GamerLegion im Interview: “Scharran” zu seiner Tätigkeit als Headcoach

Dominik “Scharran” Agethen ist erst vor kurzem unser Headcoach geworden. Zuvor war er auch schon für Aequilibritas-eSports als Coach/Analyst tätig.

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gamescom 2018 - Kommt uns besuchen!

Ihr wolltet schon immer wissen, wie so ein Coaching abläuft? Dann habt ihr auf der diesjährigen gamescom in Köln die einzigartige Gelegenheit dazu! Wir werden vor Ort einen Stand mit zehn Gaming-Stationen aufbauen und mit unseren Coaches Schnupperkurse anbieten. Das ist aber noch nicht alles, was ihr von uns erwarten dürft.

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World of Tanks: Zweite Season der gewerteten Gefechte beginnt

Ab dem 26. Juli haben alle Panzerfahrer wieder einen Grund zur Freude. Die gewerteten Gefechte sind vom 26. Juli bis zum 16. August verfügbar. Steigt in der Rangliste auf und holt euch tolle Belohnungen ab.

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New Coaches

CastielMid League of Legends 560 Gold/h
Tracable Fortnite 260 Gold/h
ALGO24 World of Tanks raffle
Yami League of Legends 550 Gold/h
MPSv3 CS:GO 560 Gold/h
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Playfully learn how to play!

Video games not only became visually more appealing, but also more extensive and challenging. Gaming used to be as simple as timing the enemies attack pattern, whereas nowadays online games are way more popular. These focus on constantly improving, bettering yourself to climb to the top and perfecting your favorite games. Today, the well known saying „easy to learn, hard to master“, is more relevant than ever. The controls may be learnt quickly, but it means way more to master the mechanics on a Pro level.

Winning wants to be practiced

There is no one that likes losing and especially in competitive online-games this can be very frustrating. To be able to compete in a game of League of Legends properly you first have to study over 100 Champions and learn about their skill sets and which strengths and weaknesses every one of those characters has. Even games like World of Tanks, which seems very simple at first glance, have a lot of profoundness about their tactics and diversity about different Tanks. Or do you know all the wrinkles in the maps of Counter-Strike:GO? Which weapon is the best in which different situations? When do I throw which grenade? What is the right timing to “push”? Questions upon Questions upon Questions.

We can help you with this!

If you do not have the time or will to watch tutorials for hours, read wikis or to find the newest tips & tricks on the internet, then you can book an experienced Coach from the Gamerlegion. Our Pro-Gamers teach you more than just the basics, they are able to show you the depths of their game, explain tactics in detail and show you important things to keep in mind. Customer feedback told us, that even after a few sessions they already experienced big steps towards success.

Video Games as professional Sport

Is your goal to join E-Sport and play on the top level? Our coaches have a lot of experience there, with many achievements in well known tournaments and leagues they would be the perfectly fit to teach you. They can even help you to learn how to prepare for important matches and how you approach these situations mentally.